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Your commercial property loss

5/28/2022 (Permalink)

Each year, fire losses cost the commercial and industrial sectors $2.3 billion in direct property losses. Large-loss fires can occur, causing damage to buildings such as apartments, facilities, and workplaces.

Multiple lives are affected by such tragedies. Providing support might take a lot of time and effort on everyone's side.

Consider the following suggestions for commercial property owners:

Ascertain that everyone is safe and out of the property. The most important consideration is safety.

Involve the community in assisting families or workers who may be impacted.

Bring your adjuster in as soon as possible to assist with things like photos, mitigation, and documentation.

Examine all provisions, modifications, extensions, and exclusions in your insurance.

Bring in SERVPRO specialists to assess the damage.

Communication is critical.

To get the job done as quickly as possible, everyone should stay in touch.

Be aware that the procedure might be lengthy and requires a great deal of patience.

Make sure that your restaurant stands out with a small checklist.

5/27/2022 (Permalink)

In order to keep your restaurant in top form and ready for the next business day, you must strictly adhere to the nightly checklist. Every object in the kitchen, including the flooring, stovetops and ovens, cutlery, pots, and coffee makers, must be fully cleansed and shining clean on a daily basis.... Then there's the front of house, which includes the toilets, host stand, and bar area, which includes all of your glassware. Every day, however, you and your crew have everything under control.

It can also be difficult to find suitable flooring in a crowded restaurant. Many restaurants choose for hardwood flooring, which must be treated on a regular basis to prevent damage from high heels, spills, and scratches caused by table and chair movement.

Your establishment, on the other hand, might have carpeting. A nightly vacuum and spot cleaning will go a long way toward preventing mould growth and other issues that can produce odours, but your carpeting will still require a full cleaning on a regular basis to maintain your floors looking their best. Spills on carpet don't come up as readily or fully as they do on hardwood flooring, and a carpet in need of deep cleaning might appear dull and worn, with colours that are no longer as vibrant and fresh; this can have a negative impact on your guests' experience. Make sure to include a deep cleaning in your cleaning schedule!

Dealing with Cold Weather

5/26/2022 (Permalink)

Many business owners are concerned about the cold weather, particularly those that operate out of warehouse facilities with exposed pipes.

Freezing occurs as a result of cold weather, putting a business at risk of a burst pipe or water line. There are a few things you can do to keep your pipes from freezing.

1. Keep the doors shut.

While it may seem self-evident, keeping doors, particularly warehouse garage doors, closed during work hours is one of the most straightforward ways to avoid a frozen pipe. Water lines in warehouses are frequently exposed, and if they are not adequately insulated, they might freeze and possibly burst, causing substantial damage and expenditure.

2. Open a Small Amount of Faucets

When conditions are expected to be cold or below freezing, simply turning on the cold water supply on taps closest to the exterior water lines can reduce the chance of a frozen or burst pipe. Standing water freezes more easily than moving water.

3. Maintain a Consistent Temperature

Maintaining a constant temperature, no lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit, is most likely the greatest strategy to keep your company's pipes from freezing. While decreasing the temperature of your business after hours or over the holidays may appear to be a cost-cutting measure, you may be placing your business at risk of water damage, which might result in considerable downtime.

4. Create a strategy.

Finally, if the worst happens despite your precautions, having an emergency plan in place is a good idea. While you can and should construct an emergency action plan and checklist in-house, you may also wish to call a restoration business, as many of them provide emergency planning services.

An initial examination of your property and the customisation of an action plan in the case of an emergency or disaster are often included in these services.

A burst pipe can be disastrous for a business, not just because of the damage but also because of the disruption in operations. It's as simple as keeping doors closed and opening a faucet when necessary to avoid a pipe rupture due to freezing and maintaining a steady temperature throughout your facility. 

Can Help Get Your Commercial Space Back Up And Running

12/4/2021 (Permalink)

Spring is here, and as we head for summer powerful storms continue to make their way through the area. With these heavy storms there is always a lightning, lots of wind and of course flooding. This can be very bad news for your business.

Some of the storms start with light rain and then shift to more pronounced lines of showers and thunderstorms along with strong winds, causing damage to businesses throughout the region.
This can also mean power outages, which also doesn't help your business.

Natural Disaster: Is Your Small Business Protected?

12/4/2021 (Permalink)

Natural Disasters damages normally create water damage, Storm damage, unprecedented mold,  and/or accidental fires. We don't want any loss to occur to your business, but it is a topic that needs to be talked about. Unexpected property damage happens more often than we like. 

During natural disasters, profits can be reduced as a result of lost sales and additional losses. Insurance does not cover all costs, and it is unable to replace customers who defect to a competition.

Here at SERVPRO, want to make sure that our community is prepared to face any obstacles. 

Common Natural Disaster Damages 

Wangari Maathai stated, “Mother Nature is very generous but very unforgiving“. Natural disasters have caused severe damages. Here are common natural damages that have impacted small businesses in your area

Flood + Storm Damage

Damage caused by strong winds and heavy rain can remove roof tiles, break windows, and more. Depending on how severe the storm is, flood remediation might be needed, aka water remediation/mitigation services. 

Water damage mitigation services commonly consist of drying, cleaning, and sanitizing contaminated areas and items. Following that, materials that have been damaged are repaired. This preserves the structural integrity of water-damaged floors, walls, and ceilings. Restoration work starts after the remediation process is completed and continues until your property is completely restored to its pre-flood condition.

Trust The Leader In The Restoration Industry

Don’t remain unaware of what can happen to your commercial building. And for emergency Fire and Water Remediation Services, don’t wait! call SERVPRO


12/4/2021 (Permalink)

External fire damage prevention remains a top priority for many businesses. While it is important to focus on preventing fires from igniting within the facility, external preventative measures should be considered as well. Since nearly every state has laws prohibiting smoking in public places, smoking occurs outside, often around the business by shrubbery and mulch. These fires can slow-burn for hours due to smoldering tunnels under the surface that later break out into open flame. Be mindful of the following tips to prevent fires from starting outside your business.

  • Keep the mulch at least 18 inches away from combustible building materials, such as wood and decks.
  • Provide proper receptacles for smoking materials at all entrances and in designated smoking at least 18 inches from the building and empty receptacles regularly.
  • Keep mulch beds moist when possible.

If you need to create a controlled fire outside, remember the following:

  • Don’t start open fires when the ground and surrounding vegetation are dry.
  • Don’t burn when winds are stronger than a gentle breeze.
  • Always have a strong water source ready in case a fire begins to get out of control.
  • Stay with the fire at all times.
  • When finished, rake through the ashes to ensure that all coals are cooled.

With these helpful tips, SERVPRO hopes your business remains free of fire damage. If you find yourself in an emergency, we're available to help reverse fire damage thoroughly and professionally.